Willie Brooks

Executive Director and CEO



Willie Brooks’ extensive expertise in both healthcare and finance serve as the foundation for his important role as executive director of Oakland  Community Health Network (OCHN). Under his guidance, OCHN identifies, influences, and delivers services to more than 25,800 Oakland County residents. These individuals include adults and children with developmental disabilities; adults with serious mental illness or substance use disorders, and children with serious emotional disturbance.

In addition to overseeing OCHN’s administrative staff of approximately 150 people, Willie also acts as the chief liaison between the organization’s service provider agencies, Board of Directors, people receiving services, community partners, and state legislators. He works closely with each of them to ensure that their concerns are addressed, solutions are initiated, and that Oakland County citizens in need of mental health assistance receive quality services that promote independence, inclusion, and equality.

Willie’s impressive professional career in the healthcare and finance fields spans nearly three decades. He earned both his Master of Art in Economics and Master of Science Finance degrees from Walsh College. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from William Tyndale College. Prior to joining OCHN in 2012 as Chief Financial Officer, Willie was employed at Jawood Contracting where he was a healthcare business analyst. He worked with Maryland Health Care Systems and was also a marketing director for Blue Cross of Michigan Health Care System.

Willie is well respected among his peers for his detailed knowledge of investing, banking, and monetary policies; healthcare economics, and interpersonal skills involving relationships with people receiving services. His unique and diverse skills are valuable assets not only to OCHN’s network, but also to students at Walsh College where he serves as an adjunct professor.

Willie’s longstanding commitment to his family, community, and those in need of help, continue to provide the framework that promotes his credibility and admiration as an exemplary leader.